The Background of OUBAO brand
There was a saying in Europe: "God created mankind, the Dutch windmill created land"

Windmill Fate
Founder Mr.Superman was grew up in the industrial area. His grandparents accompanied him through his childhood life. Because of the poor environmental poverty, his childhood toy is a  hand-made windmill that was made by his grandpa. Every day, holding a windmill and flying in the fields, he feels like flying with free. And this windmill has accompanied Mr.superman until now.

Keep it forever
"Since Grandpa left the world, but the windmill has accompanied me, just like my Grandpa is always there."
With a strong shield, protect my windmill, protect my family, the strongest support for my family, give my family forever depend on and accompany.

Because of love, so focus
Founder Mr.superman put his own story into the brand, windmill as our enterprise Spirit, take the meaning of "seeking truth and being pragmatic" and "Getting rid of falsehood and seeking truth."
The meaning of life lies in love, and this job is related to life. Dedication with all one's heart and soul exists only as a pure memory. and it will always serve our customers, always protect our customers.

Windmill - represents bravery, diligence, enterprising, loyal, happy, smart, lucky and love.
The windmill turns, so that this love and luck will be spread forever, with a long history, to every household...

development path

——  2019: The Future is Coming 
           The Las Vegas exhibition is showing new products, everything is ready for a better future!

——  2018: Recognition of Market and Award Certificates 
           300+ Design Patent Certificates, CE European Certification, GMC Evaluation of Quality Engineering, Alibaba Assessment of Gold Credit Enterprise, Tax A Credit Enterprise, Get approval of cUPC North American Certification, NSF/ANSI 61, LOW-LEAD Low Lead Certifications, etc.

——  2016: Entering Foreign Markets
           The concept of designs and the product’s innovation has attracted many customers, and began to enter the foreign markets.

——  2014: Gather Energy and Wait for Action to Open Up A New Business Way 
           With years of preparation, OUBAO has been began to put into the assembly line and machinery for faucets. With the concept of "innovation, health, practicality", started the trip of faucets’ design, R&D and production.

——  2011: The Journey of Pursuing Dreams, Innovating for Design
           The founder was designing products while learning and traveling, creating New Ideas.The concept of the faucet products has beginning to take shape.

——  2008: Times Change And Response To Change
           Established a team of Engineers, refined the position structure.Predicted future business opportunities and go forward bravely in the period of global financial turmoil in 2008.

——  2006: Brave All The Way To Dream And Set Sail
           Start foundation for a plant, 5,000 ㎡of the plant has been officially built, machinery has been put into operation, production lines have been set up, and large-scale batch production of sanitary hardware accessories has begun.

——  2003: Struggle For Dreams             A 20㎡ shop has begun its processing career