How do I clean and care for the faucet on my product?

How do I clean and care for the faucet on my product?

Regular cleaning and caring for your faucet is the best way to keep its beautiful finish lasting a lifetime!

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your faucet continues to look great:

Wipe down your faucet with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. This will help clear away minor build up and some spots. Make sure to dry the wiped down areas with a dry soft cloth.

If you've already tried that step and still have some buildup on your faucet, you can try adding some white vinegar mixed with water (a 50/50 ratio of each) with your soft cloth. Again, you will use a dry soft cloth to wipe away any excess residue.

If you're still seeing buildup or spots on your faucet, using a mild soap or mild cleaner may help. Please note that you want to avoid using any acids or solvents on your faucet as this may damage your faucet's finish and can void the warranty.

A great option for high use areas of your home or for those products that seem to collect water spots is OUBAO's protective finish, which resists the daily build-up of fingerprints and water spots. Along with regular wiping down as mentioned in step 1 above, finished faucets are a great way to keep your kitchen and bathrooms looking pristine.