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Why is the finish deteriorating on my kitchen sink faucets's spout, handles and aerator?

The single hole kitchen faucet finish cannot be repaired once damaged; however, you can replace many of common faucet parts where the finish deterioration is most noticeable.

Why is my Polished Brass basin tap faucet tarnishing or peeling?

Over time, this clear coat can be broken or scratched with regular wear and tear, abuse or chemical attack, causing the finish to tarnish or the coating to peel. Unfortunately, it's not possible to repair the clear coat so you will need to replace any parts of your bathroom wash basin faucet that are tarnished or badly scratched.

Why do I have pin holes in my pull out kitchen faucet spout?

When the zinc is removed, the copper is redeposited to these areas and the surface of the part. The redeposited copper is a weak mass that is porous and fragile.If this has happened, you will need to replace the gooseneck kitchen faucet spout.

What is the standard size hole required for a single basin faucet Installation?

OUBAO standard hole size is 35MM for a single hole wash basin faucet

What material is used in the construction of kitchen sink faucets?

And then plated with Chrome, Satin Nickel, ORB, or other finishes, It is important not to confuse the Satin Nickel Finish of single handle kitchen faucet. which is plated brass, with Solid zinc Construction.

Why is my under mount single hole kitchen faucet has an opening for in the back of it.

Considering that most faucets and drains are sold separately, always refer to the model of the sink as well as the high end kitchen faucets when considering purchase options.

Can a portable dishwasher be connected to a kitchen sink faucets?

pull out kitchen faucet should never be connected to portable dishwashers because potential pressure fluctuations during washing cycles may result in hose rupture or leaks.

Can I install unique bathroom faucets myself?

While many faucets may easily be installed by you, we always recommend that you hire a certified plumber for all modern bathroom faucets installations.

What single handle bathroom faucet would I require for a vessel sink

Spout reach, the distance from the center of the bathroom water faucet body to the aerator, is an important consideration. Make certain that the spout reach will be sufficient to work with the existing vessel sink.

In what finishes are OUBAO pull out kitchen faucet available?

Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Gold, Matte Black, Stainless Steel Matte Black,you can customize the color you want of the single hole kitchen faucet.

When do I need to use thread seal tape,or plumber's putty to kitchen faucets?

However, many people prefer using thread seal tape since it is cleaner to work with than traditional grease or paste-like sealants. Plumber's putty is used to form a water tight seal between the sink and the single handle kitchen faucet and between the sink and the drain. Some of our models include gaskets making sealants optional. Plumber's putty is not for use on threaded pipe joints or marble surfaces.

What kind of cleaner can I use on kitchen water faucet components?

Avoid using any other cleansers or pads/sponges that are unsafe for polished metallic surfaces. Most green, fibrous pads/sponges contain microscopic mineral particles that can scratch a kitchen faucet parts's finish.Immediately after cleaning your faucet, wash off remaining cleaner with water. To remove water spots, use warm water and a soft, damp cloth.

What kind of cleaner can I use on my pull out kitchen faucet?

Most common household cleaners (including mild abrasives) can be used, when used in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions for use. However, all cleaners should be rinsed off thoroughly with water immediately after cleaning your faucet. Avoid using any harsh cleansers (e.g., lime scale removers) or pads/sponges that are unsafe for polished metallic surfaces. Most green, fibrous pads/-sponges contain microscopic mineral particles that can scratch a high end kitchen faucets's finish.

Why my high-arc spout kitchen faucet doesn't immediately shut off?

This is a normal characteristic of any single handle kitchen faucet with a high-arc spout. After the handle (or handles) are shut off, there is still water inside of the spout. Any residual water past the arc of the spout will slowly drip out of the spout. Gravity will pull this water from the spout; however, it should stop after several minutes.