Surface Finish care for Bathroom and Kitchen faucets

Surface Finish care for Bathroom and Kitchen faucets


In order to meet people’s needs, there are a lot of faucets on the market. And match different home styles, faucets are more and more rich in color, luster, texture and texture. Today, OUBAO will introduce the surface treatment technology of the faucet for your reference.

How to care surface Finish  for Bathroom and Kitchen faucets

In order to meet people’s needs, there are a lot of faucets on the market. And match different home styles, faucets are more and more rich in color, luster, texture and texture. Today, OUBAO will introduce the surface treatment technology of the faucet for your reference.

 The faucet products are dazzling and varied in shape. Just say its “skin”, there are mirrors, matte, golden and other surface treatment,these styles must be cast by special techniques.

The faucet surface treatment process is roughly chrome-plated, nickel-plated, titanium-plated, painted, porcelain, brushed nickel, blackened, etc., each of which has characteristics that can bring different decoration to the bathroom or kitchen.


We offer more than 20 decorative finishes. Here are just a few…


Brushed Nickel 

Matte white

Matte black

Titanium Gold

Zirconium Gold

Rose Gold

Gunmetal plating

Chrome plating

Most of the faucets on the market are chrome-plated. Chrome is a silver-white, slightly blue-colored metal. The chrome coating has high hardness and wear resistance, and its hardness is second only to diamond. Chromium(Cr)also has a strong passivation ability, is easily oxidized in the air, forms a very thin passivation film on the surface, and does not change in a humid environment, and can maintain the surface gloss for a long time, showing a similar appearance to a precious metal. It is very decorative, and it will not peel off when used for a long time. Therefore, chrome plating is the most common processing method in the surface treatment of faucets.

Process features: moisture-proof and heat-resistant, durable, bright color and decorative.

Suggestions: the most common, and versatile, suitable for all kinds of bathroom space, the matching basin is suitable for white.

Brushed Nickel

Metal nickel(Ni)has a strong passivation ability, and can quickly form a very thin passivation film on the surface of the faucet, which is resistant to moisture and some acid corrosion, so the nickel layer has high stability in a humid environment. In the simple salt electrolyte of nickel, the faucet can obtain a very fine crystallized coating, which has good polishing performance and can be polished to give a mirror-like luster. Depending on the nature of the nickel, it is suitable for use as a bottom layer, an intermediate layer and a top layer for protective and decorative coatings.

Process characteristics: anti-acid and alkali, high stability, surface gloss as a mirror.

Suggestions: It is also a versatile model, which is equivalent to a chrome faucet.

Gold Plated

In titanium, aluminum and tin elements or elements such as aluminum and vanadium are generally added to form titanium-plated gold. Electroplated titanium has the advantages of high height, low density, good mechanical properties, toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. The surface of the titanium-plated faucet is as smooth as a mirror, and its golden luster is like natural brass. It is reminiscent of gold, looks elegant and rich, and is very decorative. However, the process of titanium plating is complicated, and it is very easy to absorb impurities in hot working, so the yield is low and the cost is high.

Process characteristics: good toughness, corrosion resistance, color such as gold, looks noble and gorgeous, the price is higher.

Suggestions: In view of the specific shape, the titanium-plated gold faucet is suitable for the bathroom with two levels, the simple shape is suitable for the European bathroom, and the animal shape is suitable for families in Southeast Asia.


Apply primer and topcoat to the base of the faucet. Each time the paint is applied, it is sent to the dust-free constant temperature paint room for electric heating or high-infrared high-temperature baking to cure the paint layer. The faucet has a smooth surface and a lustrous color, which gives a piano-like visual texture, making the entire product look very good. However, compared with other surface treatment methods, the lacquer faucet is more prone to surface detachment and is less durable than conventional chrome faucets.

Process characteristics: The color is changeable, the gloss is outstanding, and there is a certain reflection effect. If the process is not good, the paint may appear.

Suggestions: With a modern style bathroom, it can bring a feeling of change, youth and unconstrained.

Gunmetal Plating

The solid gray finishes are designed to meet the market’s desire for product portfolios with a number of custom detail options. The Gunmetal finish is solid and soft to the touch, and mixes a dark gray base with hints of brown.OUBAO recommends the finish for use in Kitchen and Bathroom. 

Gunmental offers the same tones in a finish texture that emulates a hammered stone surface. Both finishes are 
applied through a galvanic plating process, which incorporates an industrial waxing procedure.

PVD Finishs

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) uses a state-of-the-art process that molecularly bonds the finish to the 
faucet, creating a super-hard surface that is, by far, the most durable available today. 

PVD is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. Under vacuum conditions, gas or evaporated substances are partially ionized by gas discharge, and evaporated substances or their reactants are deposited on substrates while gas ions or evaporated substances are bombarded by ions.

PVD has rich colors, gorgeous and elegant, excellent anti-harsh environment, easy to clean and non-fading performance, which makes it popular with consumers.