OUBAO Live Streaming-Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets and Shower Faucets.

OUBAO Live Streaming-Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets and Shower Faucets.


On March 16,2021,Beijing time,Oubao Sanitary Ware Marketing,carried out the first live show after holiday.This is about latest showroom and details of new and hot sale products like kitchen faucets.

OUBAO Live Streaming-Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets and Shower Faucets

On March 16, 2021, Beijing time, Kaiping Oubao Sanitary Ware Hardware Co., Ltd. carried out the first live show after the Chinese New Year holiday.
This live streaming is mainly about show customers latest showroom and more details of new and hot-selling products. 
Factory Introduction 
The live streaming begins with a factory introduction.

KAIPING OUBAO SANITARY WARE HARDWARE company is a factory which professional manufacture kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, shower faucets,bathroom accessories,faucet accessories for over 16 years.

Showing to customers the latest showrooms and the real products followed the presentation of the factory.

Market Analysis
Next topic is the market analysis.

As we know the epidemic has influenced the world a lot. And it deeply change the way of shopping. Let’s see a news video. 

From the picture below we also learn that the high increase of shopping online. And that also brings the high competition for every online sellers. 

(Data comes from the Internet)

So how to make yourself special to increase the competitive? The products are the most important. Choosing a good product is the first step to your success.

Common products have these disadvantages:
1.It gets you into the price war.
2.less experience of design photo show online. 
3.It leave you with low margins.
4.The product has less characteristic, not strong attraction.

So how can OUBAO do during & after epidemic?
OUBAO showed off their solution in the live show.
1.Market Competitiveness: OUBAO has successful design products famous online
2.Unique Fashion Designs: Most popular for large young people
3.Quality: QMS & ERP system for quality control. Own certificates cUPC, NSF-61,LOW LEAD, CE. 
4.Design: Original design with patents for market protect
5.Service: E-commerce solution support
6.Delivery: Abundant inventory ensures punctual delivery

OUBAO Design Comes From Nature

Exclusive Design Series And Hot New Products Show
The following is the show of OUBAO original patent design series products.

The first one is OUBAO newest design-The Universe Series.
1.The Universe Series

The first is a Bathroom Basin Faucet--YZ-1801 & YZ-1802. This is the design idea comes from a red-crowned crane, and this is the idea of the head.The red-crowned crane in China is a symbol of good luck, a beautiful yearning for future life.

Multi-color for choice. OUBAO launched a latest color, Matte Brushed Nickel, is a kind of brushed nickel in matte surface. Keep your faucet looking cleaner with a Matte Brushed Nickel finish that resists fingerprints and water spots.


And next is the kitchen faucet from the same series It is a silicone kitchen faucet--OB-G11. let’s look carefully, you can find this design is for the low body part of the red-crowned crane.

Following is the successful series design and have good sales in the market--The Leaf Series.
2.The Leaf Series

From kitchen to bathroom, OUBAO offers the whole collection for selection.

New Technology Products
1.The Kitchen Faucet with Touch Sensor System -- OB-D92

This is a faucet with touch sensor function, actually all of OUBAO kitchen faucets can be adopted the touch function like this.
Let's see a video how it works.

Touch the metal parts of the whole faucet include the body, the elbow pipe. The advantage of this function should be focus on the touch senor system, different with others, it is simplify on the installation process and much more stable for a long time to use.

How about the advantage of the touch sensor system?Just contact for more details. 
(E-mail: sales@oubao-cn.com  WhatsApp: +86 13422554096 / +86 13422223914)

2.The Cold Touch Thermostatic Shower Faucet Set -- OB-TR2101

This is not the normal shower, this one design with cool touch technology with thermostatic function. This is the best shower for the kids and old people.

This is the whole content that OUBAO shows us in this live streaming.
If you have any interest in OUBAO products, please contact the customer service or email for consultation.

E-mail: sales@oubao-cn.com
WhatsApp: +86 13422554096 / +86 13422223914