6 Characteristics That Kitchen Faucets Must Have

6 Characteristics That Kitchen Faucets Must Have


A good kitchen faucet should have 6 characteristics: water-saving, durable, user-friendly, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and convenient. We regard these 6 characteristics as the 6 rules for happy kitchen time.

In the kitchen, the faucet occupies a pivotal position due to its unique functions: food cleaning, pre-dinner, and post-dinner pots and pans cleaning, tidying up, and almost all housework cannot be separated from the help of the faucet and sink. A good kitchen faucet should have 6 characteristics: water-saving, durable, user-friendly, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and convenient. We regard these 6 characteristics as the 6 rules for happy kitchen time.

1. Water Saving

From the perspective of sustainable development and environmental protection, water conservation is very important. How do faucets save water? The aerator of the faucet can slow down the speed of the water flow and keep the outlet water flow at 8.3 liters/min. When the water flow slows down, the natural water flow is much smaller. Adding a honeycomb restrictor inside can make the water flow out in a foamy state. You don't think there is little water, but because there are enough bubbles, the hand feels very soft and full of momentum.

2. Durable

Whether the kitchen faucet is durable or not is related to the mood when cooking, and it has nothing to do with the surface treatment process of the faucet. Some brand faucets have been tested in an acidic high temperature environment with a pH close to 3 and found that they are still intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very hard. Related studies show that the ceramic cartridge through more than 500,000 times switching operations can still be a smooth labor-saving operation, durable use. Ceramic cartridge aging resistance, wear resistance, no maintenance, to ensure the stability of operation, save maintenance costs and labor intensity, and so on. At the same time, aging resistance and wear resistance also makes the service life of ceramic spool far exceeds the service life of other spools.

Ceramic materials have the characteristics of high tensile strength, not easy to deform, high temperature, low temperature, wear resistance, and no corrosion, which determines the excellent sealing performance of ceramic materials. Ceramic valve core makes the faucet not easy to leak water droplets, but also to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and water-saving.

3. Humanization

There is a pull-out kitchen faucet on the market, which can pull out a stainless steel hose of up to 1.5 meters from the nozzle position. The rotation angle can reach 360 degrees. The nozzle can easily reach the place where you need to flush or use water, making cleaning a pleasure. This faucet also has both columnar and jet water outlet methods, which fully meets the needs of washing different items in the kitchen.

With the increasing popularity of household dishwashers, this year an imported brand newly launched a single-handle mixed water kitchen faucet that can be connected to the dishwasher. This type of faucet is equipped with a three-pipe water divider at the water inlet pipe, which is used to connect the cold water pipe, the hot water pipe, and the dishwasher water inlet pipe respectively. The housewives simply turn the handle to choose whether the outlet water flows into the basin or into the dishwasher.

Some kitchen faucets are equipped with filter devices to filter impurities in the water and improve the sanitary quality of kitchen water.

4. Convenience

Work in the kitchen often requires the use of both hands, and often only the little finger is free. How convenient would it be to control the temperature and water volume of the faucet with just one finger! Now, there is a kind of faucet that not only has a freely rotating control handle but also has a button at the faucet position. The shape of the water column can be changed at the touch of the button, and there is a turnable button next to it to control the water.

5. Easy to Clean

Many times cooking will produce a lot of oily smoke, so it is easy to get oil and water stains on the faucet, cleaning has become an annoying problem, and after many times of cleaning, the surface of the faucet is easy to lose its luster. If the surface treatment of the faucet fails, the product may be in good condition when the product is purchased, but after a period of use, the coating will discolor and fall off. Therefore, you must understand the warranty period when buying the faucet. It is understood that it should generally be no less than 3 years, Some companies can even provide 5 years of tangible quality assurance.

OUBAO faucets are available in a variety of color finishes. In addition to commonly used surface treatment such as chrome plating, brushed nickel, gold plating, white plating, gold plating, rose gold plating, matte black, etc., we can also support customized surface treatment services according to your needs. They can withstand the brushing of steel wool and various cleaning agents without fading and corrosion. The faucet can maintain a long-term luster, and it is not easy to be stained with oil in daily use, and it can resist external abrasion. Kitchen cleaning is easier and more convenient.

6. Environmental Protection

Water safety has now been valued by many people, and the lead content in water is mainly caused by water scouring the waterways. After the realization of direct drinking water for households in the United States, strict "lead content requirements" were put forward for water quality, plumbing, and faucets. The waterway of the good faucet is made of refined copper. In the manufacturing process, it is ensured that each drinking water faucet is an environmentally friendly faucet.

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