How to Install Shower Faucet?

How to Install Shower Faucet?


Whether the shower faucet is installed in place determines whether we are comfortable in the bathroom in the future. This article will specifically introduce the steps and precautions for installing the shower faucet.

When we install the shower faucet, we must first make preparations, then determine the installation height, and finally follow the installation steps. The following are methods of how to install the bathroom faucet.

Preparation work before installation of shower faucet

1. Before installing the shower faucet, you need to prepare the installation tools. Before installation, check whether the shower faucet sets are complete. The general shower faucet parts include hoses, rubber washers, showers, decorative caps, water removal, crutches, etc.

2. The shower faucet generally refers to the hot and cold water mixing switch. In general, the cold water is on the right and the hot water is on the left. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the left and right directions of the shower faucet when installing, and then confirm the valve core of the faucet. Installation is best.

Installation height of shower faucet

1. The height of the mixing valve of the shower faucet and the ground should be determined first. Before installing the shower faucet, the installation position needs to be determined. The distance between the mixing valve of the shower faucet and the ground should be controlled between 90-100 cm, within this height range, fine-tuning can be made according to the height of the family. But the minimum height cannot be less than 110 cm, otherwise, it may cause the water from the shower faucet to not enter smoothly.

2. Generally speaking, after the shower faucet is installed, the reserved silk head should be just buried in the tiles on the wall, and it is best to be covered with ceramic tiles, otherwise, it may affect the appearance of the shower faucet. Therefore, when laying water pipes, it is best to consider the reserved position. Generally, the height needs to be 15mm higher than the rough wall, so that the wire can be buried after the tiles are applied to ensure a beautiful and tidy wall. .

3. When installing the wall-mounted shower faucet, the distance between the hot and cold water pipes should be about 15 cm. Before installation, you need to do a good job of measurement. You can soak the water pipe first to avoid damage to the faucet due to excessive water quality.

Shower faucet installation steps

1. First, clean the area where the shower faucet needs to be installed, and turn on the water source to clean up the sediment impurities in the water supply pipe and the impurities in the installation hole. Be sure to determine whether the accessories of the shower faucet set you need to install are complete. If it is incomplete, you need to ask the merchant about the missing accessories to avoid imperfect accessories during the installation process.

2. When installing, use a wrench to fix the elbow to the outlet joint of the wall. It is best to wrap a plastic bag at the water inlet to avoid water leakage, and then put the flange into the outlet of the elbow and place it. Rotate and stick to the wall.

3. Install the plastic gasket on the screw cap of the faucet and connect it to the curved foot inside the wall. Cut the fixed position of the shower faucet according to the actual installation height. Install the fixed seat at the designated position first during installation. The fixing needs to be drilled with an electric drill. The hole depth needs to be matched with the installation gecko, and then the screw cap can be directly fixed.

4. Connect the hand-held sprinkler to the hose, and connect the other end of the hose to the hot and cold faucet switch, and then place the hand-held sprinkler on the fixed seat. Open the shower faucet handles and check the water output. The shower faucet installation project is completed.

There are still many things to pay attention to during the installation of the shower faucet. But our shower faucet is easy to install and disassemble, and it will be more convenient for everyone to install and replace in the future.

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