How to Deal with a Clogged Shower Faucet?

How to Deal with a Clogged Shower Faucet?


The shower faucet at home may become clogged after being used for a long time, which will affect our use. This article will specifically introduce how to deal with a clogged shower faucet.

In order to make bathing more comfortable, most people use shower heads in their homes. But when we use it for a long time, the shower faucet may be blocked, which will affect our normal use. Here is the way to deal with a blocked shower faucet.

Dip in vinegar

The blockage of the bathroom shower faucet is mostly caused by the clogging of the water outlet by scale after long-term use. If it is only slightly clogged, just disassemble and clean the shower faucet parts. If the faucet shower head is blocked for a long time and a lot of holes are blocked, it is recommended to prepare some white vinegar and pour the vinegar into a basin so that the faucet shower head can be submerged. After soaking in vinegar for ten minutes, the scale in the faucet shower head can be removed.

Usually every 3 months to half a year, we need to remove the faucet shower head and place it in a small basin, water the surface and inside of the shower with edible white vinegar and soak it for 4-6 hours, and then gently wipe the faucet with a cotton rag After the spout on the surface of the showerhead, re-install the joint and let the water flow for a while. After the white vinegar and scale flow out with the water, it can be used normally. Adhering to this will reduce the influence of scale on the faucet shower head and also have a certain sterilization effect.


If the faucet shower head in your home is only partially blocked, you can drain the water first to see which holes are blocked. Then use a needle to pierce the blocked hole until no impurities flow out of the hole. But pay attention to the strength when piercing.

Use lubricant

The material of the shower faucet in each person's home is different, and the solution is also different. If the shower faucet is blocked by metal rust, it is recommended to use a rust removal lubricant. This rust removal lubricant can make metals have better permeability. Separate the rusty layer and the metal layer, and leave a protective film, so that the shower faucet will never rust.

We need to clean and maintain the shower faucet frequently in the process of use, which can greatly reduce the clogging of the shower faucet. If after reading the above methods, its help for you is not very effective, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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