How to Remove Kitchen Faucet?

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet?


When the kitchen faucet breaks down or the kitchen needs to be remodeled, we have to turn off the kitchen faucet. Here we will introduce the method of removing the kitchen faucet.

If you want to replace the kitchen faucet, our first priority is to disassemble the kitchen faucet. If we clarify the specific steps, we can disassemble the kitchen faucet by ourselves. The following are the specific steps for removing the kitchen faucet.

1. First prepare the necessary tools, such as pliers and wrenches, as well as screwdrivers and so on. If you want to replace the kitchen faucet, you also need to prepare the kitchen faucet parts to be replaced and then turn off the main valve, this is to prevent water spraying. We have to wait a while after closing the water valve to ensure that the remaining water in the faucet is completely drained so that we can proceed with the next operation. If you want to save time, you can also use facial tissues or towels to absorb the remaining water to speed up the drainage.

2. Remove the screws on the back or on the handle of the kitchen faucet, and remove the fixed handle on the faucet. Some kitchen faucet screws are located under the plastic sheet or under the plastic button. In this case, just turn on the button to remove the screw on the top handle of the faucet.

3. If the screw of the kitchen faucet is installed in the hole, you can use a flashlight to check whether the screw is cross-shaped or flat-shaped, and then use the corresponding screwdriver to remove it. Some faucets are screws with square holes inside. This kind of screw will be more troublesome to remove, so pay special attention when removing it, and don't damage the screw port.

4. After removing the nut with a wrench, the valve core of the kitchen faucet with a sprayer can be removed. After removing it, check the copper plane under the spool to see if there is sand or unevenness. If there is, it needs to be cleaned.

5. Some water hoses have been used for a long time, and there will be catalysis or rusting of the fasteners, causing the water hoses to be unable to be unscrewed. At this time, you only need to drop the oil on the rusty place, and then take out the faucet.

If you want to replace a new kitchen faucet with a sprayer, we must do a good job of reinforcement to avoid causing some trouble in the future. If the above kitchen faucet disassembly method is not very effective for your help, you can contact us to learn more about this, and we can provide you with a professional and comprehensive solution. At the same time, the kitchen faucets we produce are of excellent quality, easy to install and disassemble, and can meet your purchase needs.

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