Installation Method and Precautions of Bathroom Faucet

Installation Method and Precautions of Bathroom Faucet


The bathroom faucet is used very frequently, and we need to install it correctly to facilitate future use. This article will specifically introduce the installation method and precautions of bathroom faucets.

the installation method and precautions of the bathroom faucet

If the bathroom faucet is installed correctly, it can ensure the smooth flow of water in the future and make it more convenient to use. However, if we improperly operate during the installation process, it may cause the bathroom faucet to malfunction, and then the follow-up needs to be processed and repaired, which is more troublesome. The following are the installation method and precautions of the bathroom faucet.

Steps of installation

(1) Take out the bathroom faucet and check whether all the accessories are complete. Be sure to remove the dirt around the device hole and the water supply pipe before installing to ensure that there are no impurities in the basin faucet inlet pipe. In order to prevent the surface of the faucet from being scratched, it is recommended to wear gloves for installation.

(2) Take out the rubber gasket of the bathroom faucet. The gasket is used to relieve the pressure on the metal surface of the faucet and the ceramic basin to maintain the ceramic basin, and then pierce a water inlet pipe and tighten it.

(3) Pass the threaded joint into the first inlet hose, and then pass the inlet end of the second inlet hose through the threaded joint.

(4) Screw the second water inlet hose into the water inlet port, pay attention to the correct direction, balance the force, and then tighten the threaded joint.

(5) Put the two water inlet hoses into the white rubber pad.

(6) Put on a lock nut to fix the faucet.

(7) Then tighten the sleeve.

(8) Tighten the two inlet pipes and the angle valve interface separately, and do not use a pipe wrench to twist with full force to prevent deformation or even twisting. Pay attention to the connection between hot and cold water. Connect the outlet valve with the other end of the inlet pipe.


(1) When installing the bathroom sink faucet, we must determine the installation height appropriately, and adjust it according to the height of the user and the usage habits.

(2) When a bathroom faucet is installed alone, a special angle valve must be selected, and the angle valve must be fixed to the hot and cold water pipes of the wall. Assuming that the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, the part can be cut off according to the demand. If the viewpoint is not suitable, it can be appropriately twisted to the direction of the demand according to the demand. Remember not to bend hard to 90 degrees or more than 90 degrees. When installing the bathroom faucet, don’t forget to buy the small connector of the faucet (short-circuit the faucet). Please don't forget to flush the water pipe buried in the wall before you install it.

(3) Before installing the thermostatic bathroom faucet, please check whether the water pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right. Remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipes wrongly to avoid the faucet from malfunctioning. Because the water pressure is too low, gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostatic faucets. And don't forget to install the hot and cold water filter when installing the thermostatic faucet.

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