5 Precautions for Choosing a Shower Faucet

5 Precautions for Choosing a Shower Faucet


A shower faucet is an indispensable sanitary ware in modern households, and some things need to be paid attention to when choosing. This article will specifically introduce five precautions for choosing a shower faucet.

 five precautions for choosing a shower faucet

Nowadays, the types of shower faucets on the market are quite diverse, and many people do not know what factors to consider when choosing. The two most important factors in choosing a shower faucet are quality and convenience so that we can avoid a lot of trouble when using it. The following are five precautions for choosing a shower faucet.

1. It is not recommended to use a bathtub faucet instead of a shower faucet

There are many similarities between shower faucet and bathtub faucet, such as function, use environment, etc., and there are many similarities in product selection. The biggest difference between them is that the bathtub faucet has a water outlet, while the shower faucet generally does not. Nowadays, some shower faucets have a water outlet, which is convenient for washing towels and the face. But even so, it is not recommended to replace the shower faucet with a bathtub faucet. Because the handle of the bathtub faucet is generally horizontal, it is very possible to accidentally touch the horizontal faucet during the shower, causing the water temperature to rise or drop sharply. The handle of the shower faucet is generally vertical, which is less prone to mistaken operation. However, even a vertical faucet will be lifted during use, and there is still a possibility of misoperation in a narrow shower room. It is best to choose a product with a constant temperature.

2. It is recommended to use all-copper shower faucets as much as possible

Nowadays, the technology of all-copper faucets has been very mature, occupying most of the market share. The real copper faucet handle, switch valve, decorative nut, wall cover, connecting nut and eccentric joint, spout shell, and other parts are made of brass. After electroplating, it is not only beautiful and heavy but also durable. When purchasing, be sure to ask in detail whether it is a real all-copper faucet or just the main body is made of all-copper. In most cases, the weight and sound can be used to distinguish whether it is a real copper faucet. The real copper faucet is generally heavier and the sound is relatively low when struck.

3. Avoid products that are not heat-resistant in the valve core of the thermostatic faucet

If you are using a thermostatic faucet, the quality of the valve core is extremely important. Using inferior materials to make a rough thermostatic valve core may cause unstable water temperature during use, and more dangerously, it will damage the faucet and cause burns. The thermostatic faucet valve core on the market is mostly made of pure copper or ceramic, and the core part is made of shape memory alloy spring. Under the premise of excellent technology, this faucet has fast response speed, stable temperature, and safe use. Attention should be paid to avoid the thermostatic faucet valve core with plastic and other products that are not heat-resistant, or the use of paraffin wax thermostatic components in the core part. The paraffin thermostatic element is the first-generation thermostatic valve core. Its response speed is slow, and the instantaneous temperature exceeds the value too large. It cannot be compared with shape memory alloy springs in terms of safety and comfort.

4. Choose a high-quality thermostatic faucet

There are three main types: single-handle dual-control, dual-handle dual-control, and thermostatic faucet. Among them, the single-handle dual-control faucet is the most widely used. This type of faucet is easy to use and simple in structure, and it is possible to adjust the water switch with your eyes closed during the bathing process, so it is one of the best choices for bathtub faucets. The double-handle faucet can be applied to more occasions, such as massage bathtubs. The thermostatic faucet is a newer and more technical faucet. Its characteristic is that it can automatically control the water temperature at a relatively constant value, and the temperature can be adjusted more accurately by itself. When choosing a thermostatic faucet, you must choose a high-quality thermostatic faucet, because inferior thermostatic faucets may malfunction during use, causing the water temperature to suddenly rise or fall sharply, and the consequences will be serious.

5. Don't pay too much attention to the exterior, avoid using sharp-angled faucets

For faucets used in showers or bathtubs, try to avoid using square faucets with sharp corners. Such faucets may look good, but they have a great safety hazard. Because in the event of a slip and a body hitting such a faucet with sharp horns, the consequences will be more serious.

If you choose a suitable high-quality shower faucet, it will also greatly reduce the possibility of failure in the future. If you want to know more about the shower faucet after reading the above, you can get a more comprehensive solution by contacting us. At the same time, we produce various types of shower faucets and excellent quality, which can meet your diverse needs.

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