The Simplest and Safest Method of Cleaning a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Head Effectively

The Simplest and Safest Method of Cleaning a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Head Effectively


Most of us think about wiping down faucet handles, but few ever think about cleaning faucet sprayers. Here learn how to clean a kitchen faucet sprayer head efficiently to ensure the water flow is smooth and hygienic.

Do you know why kitchen faucet spray heads need cleaning?

Regularly cleaning kitchen faucet spray heads can effectively prevent the openings from getting clogged.

If you live in a hard water area without installing a water softener in the freshwater supply line,  the clog will occur. This is because hard water contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind hard deposits called limescale.

It takes time for these deposits to become large enough to see with the naked eye or to block a faucet. The openings are much smaller, so faucet sprayer heads are more susceptible to clogs caused by mineral deposits. Only a small amount of limescale also can cause problems with pull-out spray kitchen faucets.

However, you just need to use some common items to restore the function of the faucet spray head, and the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Things you need to prepare:

White vinegar, 1:1 ratio mixed with warm water
Warm water
Two bowls
Three microfiber cloths

Specific operations:

1.Prepare two bowls, then fill one bowl with the vinegar solution and the other with plain warm water.

2.Pull the sprayer out as far as it will go. If handy, you can disconnect the hose at its base to pull it out completely. If you are worried that you can't put it back, don't try to do this.

3.Dip your first microfiber cloth into the vinegar solution, then gently rub it along the hose to remove any debris.

4.Dip your second microfiber cloth into the warm water. Once the hose is clean, wipe down it with your second cloth to remove any remaining vinegar solution.

5.If you can, remove the spray head from the hose. (If not, don’t worry — we could still clean the spray head though it didn’t come off!)

6.Dip your first cloth back into the vinegar solution, then use that cloth to scrub the spray head’s holes. Let it sit for a few minutes or add some extra power and scrub with an old toothbrush. If the sprayer is still clogged or visibly covered in hard deposits, it’s better to let it sit in the bowl of vinegar solution for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Then use the water-dipped cloth to give the spray head a final wipe.

7.Dry the hose with your third cloth, then retract it back into its resting position.

8.Run super-hot water through the sprayer for a few minutes to remove any remaining debris or vinegar solution from the flow holes before using the sprayer to rinse food or fill a water glass.

The above is the simplest and safest method of cleaning a kitchen faucet sprayer head, you can easily do it by yourself. If this way can’t solve the clogging problems of your faucet sprayers, or you want new kitchen faucets, contact us immediately!

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