The Guide for Maintaining Kitchen Faucets

The Guide for Maintaining Kitchen Faucets


After frequent use, the kitchen faucet needs cleaning and maintenance frequently. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance guide for kitchen faucets.

he specific maintenance methods and precautions for kitchen faucets

After the kitchen faucet is used, there may be some scale and stains, which will have a certain impact on the subsequent use. And after use, the faucet will have a certain degree of wear and tear, and timely cleaning and maintenance can also extend the service life of the kitchen faucet. The following are the specific maintenance methods and precautions for kitchen faucets.

1. When installing the faucet, it is necessary to ask professionals to install it. When installing the faucet, it is best to ask an experienced professional to install it. Please also pay attention to the installation, try not to let the faucet collide with hard objects, and do not use glue, etc. The residue remains on the surface, thereby destroying the gloss of the surface. In addition, it should be noted that if the faucet is installed in a new house, attention should be paid to clean up the pipe debris before installation, and waterproof for a long time until the water quality becomes clear before installing the faucet.

2. A large shut-off does not mean that it is closed tightly. Usually, when using the faucet, many people often use a lot of effort to close it tightly. In fact, if it is closed too tightly, it will damage the sealing valve and make the faucet closed. 

3. It is best to use mild liquid glass cleaner, or acid-free, non-abrasive soft liquid and completely dissolved powder, non-friction solution polish can remove the rough mask and deposits on the faucet, do not use any Abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth, and any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners.

4. The ideal cleaning technique is to rinse the faucet with clean water and then dry it with a soft cotton cloth, so as to maintain the beauty of the faucet and not cause damage to the faucet.

5. When the water pressure is not lower than 0.02mpa, if the water output is reduced or even the water heater goes out, it may be blocked in the faucet. Gently unscrew the screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet to remove impurities and generally restore it to its original state.

6. Avoid letting water volatilize on the metal surface by itself. After the water evaporates, it will leave stains on the metal. In order to avoid rust, wipe the surface of the faucet clean after use. Faucets are generally protruding, so be careful not to bump or press them when handling items.

If the kitchen faucet has some faults during use, we must find the fault point in time and deal with it accordingly. If you want to learn more about kitchen faucets after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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