What Are the Changes in the Sanitary Ware Market Under COVID-19?

What Are the Changes in the Sanitary Ware Market Under COVID-19?


The sanitary ware market under Covid-19 has been affected a lot. Only by actively adapting to market changes can sanitary ware companies not be eliminated by the times and consumers.

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it can be intuitively felt that the economy has continued to decline. Under the catalyst of this epidemic, the sanitary ware industry is ushering in the biggest examination in the development process. OUBAO understands that only by actively adapting to market changes can it not be eliminated by the times and consumers.

The industry has entered a comprehensive reshuffle stage

This epidemic is a major physical examination for the sanitary ware industry. Some small-scale companies, home-based workshops, or companies that are unwilling to build brands will be quickly eliminated. Because without a complete process service (product manufacturing to export), it is difficult to win the trust of consumers.

OUBAO always insists on providing customers with thoughtful one-stop service. Whether it is from the selection stage or after-sales service, we will provide effective solutions according to the actual needs of customers.

Pay more attention to product quality

In the era of rational consumption, only pragmatic, truth-seeking, intensive, and quality-oriented enterprises will be highly recognized by consumers. Because of the rapid outbreak of the epidemic, many consumers pay great attention to product quality and safety issues. In a market environment where competition is fierce, some inferior products will not "survive" for too long. The high-quality faucets and accessories manufactured by OUBAO have passed various authoritative certifications (CPUC, NSF-61, LOW LEAD, CE CERTIFICATIONS).

Consumption concepts and consumption habits have changed

In the sanitary ware industry market, healthy, customized, and intelligent products have become the direction consumers are more concerned about. First of all, health has become the primary core demand of home improvement.

In an interview in the media, 85% of consumers said that they will pay more attention to health and environmental protection when buying sanitary products in the future. The demands of household products such as protection, sterilization, and health are unprecedentedly prominent.

This requires companies to conduct in-depth product research and technological innovation in order to truly provide consumers with systematic, professional, and scientific overall solutions for healthy household products.

OUBAO has strong development and design capabilities, and its products have passed environmental certification. The OUBAO faucet adopts refined copper inlet and outlet pipes, and the water flows through the non-toxic water channel: copper pipe→brass core→flexible PEX hose, which fully proves the health of drinking.

The negative impact of the epidemic is objective because both consumer demand and sales channels are changing. But it has also become an accelerator for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, opening up a broader market space.

OUBAO's brand belief "Windmill" represents bravery, diligence, enterprising, loyalty, happiness, cleverness, luck, and love. We will not only make each of our products include the "windmill" quality but also pass this "windmill spirit" to every anti-epidemic enterprise and user. We firmly believe that we will be able to successfully fight the epidemic and "live" in this storm!