OUBAO is Not Afraid of Hardships and Insists on Tightening the "faucet" of the Epidemic

OUBAO is Not Afraid of Hardships and Insists on Tightening the "faucet" of the Epidemic


OUBAO insists on product quality and service, not only tightening its own "faucet", but also insisting on tightening the "faucet" of the epidemic.

correct cleaning methods and proper maintenance techniques to make the kitchen faucet look new

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has plunged the entire world into a huge panic, and all walks of life have been hit by unprecedented shocks. Many companies began to transform and insisted on changing consumption patterns and channels, but they all ended in failure in this wave.

OUBAO was naturally affected by this storm, but we always believe that only by starting from the needs of users can we truly make a good product. We believe that as long as we overcome many difficulties and stick to our original intention, we will definitely overcome this epidemic.

The epidemic will change consumers' consumption awareness. Consumers may have been more seeking product appearance and brand in the past, but now due to the aggressive epidemic, consumers will pay more attention to product performance and hygiene.

The new crown virus will spread in various ways, and some smart products can help us reduce the chance of exposure to the virus as much as possible. The touch-sensitive kitchen faucet designed and produced by OUBAO does not need to be over-cleaned. Touch any position of the faucet outlet with your wrist or forearm to start and stop the water flow, which brings great convenience and cleaning to users.

Drinking health from faucets also affects people's health to a large extent. OUBAO's filter kitchen faucets allow the perfect combination of faucets and water filters to reach the standard of direct drinking, allowing users living at home with the epidemic to enjoy full convenience. And our faucet adopts refined copper inlet and outlet pipes, and the water flows through non-toxic water channels: copper pipe→brass core→flexible PEX hose, which fully proves that drinking is healthy.

We always adhere to the quality of our products to fully protect the interests and health of users. We have also established a professional quality inspection system for this purpose, from product selection to manufacturing to export, all of which carry out comprehensive quality control and strive to maximize the value of the product.

In recent years, the main consumer of the sanitary ware industry has shown a younger trend. When decorating their homes, young people are more willing to consider systematic customized solutions. At the same time, they prefer personalized solutions and have stricter service requirements.

Under this premise, customized services have become the development trend of the sanitary ware market. As early as many years ago, OUBAO took the lead in proposing the concept of customization. After a long period of improvement, the company has formed a sound industrial chain and stood out in the fierce market competition.

Customized services involve many aspects of services. From the design perspective, it is necessary to ensure the performance and quality of products in meeting the individual needs of users. From the service point of view, ordering demand and delivery time are also difficult problems. OUBAO can deliver quickly, and also supports small orders, which can solve the user's inventory problem, so that the user has no worries about the choice.

As for sales channels, due to the impact of the epidemic, online sales will be more popular than offline sales. So if the authenticity of the product and the quantity of supply are the most critical issues. OUBAO's website provides product information of various types and functions. Users can directly click to learn about them, and they can also contact us for comprehensive services and solutions. OUBAO has an experienced production team, which can guarantee a sufficient quantity of goods.

As a professional faucet manufacturer, OUBAO not only insists on controlling the quality of its products but also tightening its own "faucets". We also hope to make some contributions in overcoming the epidemic and tightening the "faucet" of the epidemic!