What's Silicone Kitchen Faucet ?

What's Silicone Kitchen Faucet ?


Silicone kitchen faucet is more and more popular in the modern kitchen decoration.

Kitchen is a warm place and a symbol of home for the family. The kitchen is a source of happiness and every person has some wonderful memories with their families . he way you how to decorate kitchen is essential. Having a beautiful kitchen is not a spot light in your house , but also stick your families together as the warm decoration.
One of the most important things in kitchen is the kitchen sink faucet , no kitchen is complete without this. Nowadays,people pay more attention to home applications , like stove, oven, refrigerator, etc , and choose a very common kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer. However, there are many styles of faucets on the market that can add another layer of beauty to your kitchen . Ignoring these is missing the opportunity to add small details to further enhance the look with a small amount of money. For example, Oubao lunched a silicone pull down kitchen faucet , with portable silicone neck and fashion appearance , both practical and fashionable.

Most kitchen faucets are made of metal materials, such as stainless steel, zinc alloy, copper, etc. But, Oubao silicone faucet uses a zinc alloy body with a silicone bend. With the silicone kitchen faucet, you can not only move the neck of the faucet, but also extend it to the area where they are needed.


1.Flexibility, Silicone is far more stretchable and malleable than metal and you can move in any direction you want, even folding up.

2.Cost saving/environmental protection, the production of metal faucets need to use a lot of metal accessories, and many processes, the cost is naturally high. Silicone is cheaper , and the process is more environmentally friendly, no need to go through chromed and other processes.

3.The silicone part of the silicone faucet can be made in many colors, which is not comparable to metal. You can even make silicone bend kitchen environment color, can be more integrated into the design of the kitchen.

4.Durability, silicone faucet tube is more strong at corrosion resistance and ductility than metal faucet , after a long time of use will not be broken or fade, the service life is longer.

When it comes to modern kitchen decoration, people are looking for a minimalist style, and Oubao silicone faucet is the perfect minimalist in design and function.